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Coupons - The online way

Once we got married and became a single income family, my husband impressed upon me the need to save as much money as we could. After all, a few pennies saved will eventually go towards those cute shoes you really want to buy. Not being used to coupons, I found it slightly crazy and sometimes annoying to scour the web for money savers. Eventually, I did find a couple of great virtual places, some of which you may already be aware of. If not, go ahead and bookmark them for future use. – One of the first places I found and also the one-stop-shop for coupons as far as I’m concerned. For printable coupons, all you need to do is visit the site, click on the offers you like and then print them all out. If this is the first time you’re printing from, you will need to install their Coupon Printer software. Even if you like a deal but don’t think you’re going to use it soon, go on and print it out. Since many of the coupons have more than a few weeks before the expiration, you can always save them for your next shopping trip.  Coupons are added almost every day, so you do want to check the site regularly. If you don’t have enough coupon-clipping time, you can always subscribe to their weekly SuperSaver newsletter.

There is another great option for those using Savings Cards. Once you register at, you can add your Savings Card to the account. Click the tab for Savings Cards coupons and add deals that interest you directly to the Savings Card. Just make sure you know which coupons you added so you can shop accordingly. However, remember that once a coupon is added to the card, it cannot be removed or printed out. Also, once a coupon is printed, it cannot be added to your Savings Card.

Coupon Mom is replete with coupon codes and printable coupons for various categories. Registration is required to make use of these excellent offers. The site is organized well and going through it is a breeze, although I do hate being transferred to other sites to redeem some offers. Once a week, Coupon Mom adds new deals. Each item has the sale price listed as well as available coupons. To make things easier for the shopper, the percentages to be saved are also displayed. If you are new to the world of coupons, Coupon Mom provides helpful information on how to coupon, make the best of deals by combining coupons with in-store promotions, and drugstore shopping at virtually no cost. 

Retail Me Not is yet another repository of coupons - printable, grocery, and online codes. Users can search for a particular store and find all available coupons for that retailer. Grocery coupons may be printed. Local coupons are also available. Shoppers vote on the coupons showing how reliable each of the featured codes are. Having used Retail Me Not on a regular basis, I can honestly say this is one of the best sites I have come across.  

Coupon Sherpa, Mr. Free Stuff, and Gift Card Granny are some of the other penny pinching superheroes I follow. 

Coupon Sherpa offers online, printable, and mobile coupons for restaurants, retailers, and a variety of services. Some of us like to stay in the comfort of our homes and buy things with a click of the mouse. Coupon Sherpa offers coupon codes to make our shopping experience better. Users can search for coupons by category or store. Shoppers also vote for the coupons they have used, making sure only the reliable ones are featured on the site.

Mr. Free Stuff has quite the collection of freebies available on cyberspace. They’re NOT scams. Each offer comes with a description, terms to keep in mind, expiration date, and the link to the offer home page. They also make it possible to have fun on a budget. “Free Things to Do In” lists out the various activities you can do in some of the major US cities. 

Gift Card Granny lists discounted gift cards from a wide variety of merchants. If at any time you wish to sell a card you no longer use, you can do that in the “sell” section. Bookmark the site if you’re into using or gifting plastic.

And remember, if you cannot find a coupon online for a product, try contacting the manufacturer. It doesn't hurt to ask, and you might just save some money on your next trip to the store.

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