Monday, March 19, 2012

An eco-friendly money saver: PUR water dispenser

I’m someone who tends to follow the rule of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Most of America drinks water straight from the tap, but Jersey City has exceptionally hard water that is near impossible to allow down the throat. So we depended on bottled water and staying hydrated soon began to get slightly expensive.

Here’s the math:
Poland Spring (1 gal): $0.99.
4 bottles/week = 4*$0.99 = $3.96
Money spent on bottled water/month = 4*$3.96 = $15.84
Annual expense (on bottled water!) = 12*$15.84 = $190.08

That is when we realized we had to look for other options. After much research, we decided to go with the PUR 18-cup dispenser. The PUR dispenser holds around a gallon of water. Each filter can be used for 2 months or for 40 gallons of filtered water. One of my favorite things about the filter is that it eliminates the odor and taste of chlorine in the water. PUR also guarantees that the filters remove 99% of microbial cysts and 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals. The sleek design makes it easy to place the dispenser even in small spaces or in refrigerators.

Some more math:
PUR 18-cup dispenser with one pitcher filter = $39.99 (on sale, it is cheaper)
Replacement filter (pack of 4) = $24.99
Number of filters needed in a year = 6
Total cost of filters per year = $37.49

Although you spend about $40 on the initial purchase, you end up saving around $150 from the second year. Most users of the product give it rave reviews, and I am one of them. We have been using this water dispenser for over a year without any issues. The water tastes fresh and crisp. We’re saving good money. The product does not take up a lot of space. Besides, if you’re into the concept of going green and reducing your carbon footprint, the PUR water dispenser is an excellent way to go. All in all, a great purchase!


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