Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Amp it up with the X-Mini II Capsule speaker

Asish loves his music, loud and piercing through the eardrums. So it was quite a disappointment for him when he found out that my laptop had terrible speakers. Frankly, I thought they were quite awful as well. So for Christmas, he decided to surprise me with the gift of portable speakers. Introducing, the X-Mini II Capsule speaker.  

The unique design caught my attention immediately. It is compact for the person on the go. For its size, this gadget packs quite a punch. There is almost no distortion in sound and the capsule twists and springs open for enhanced bass. The X-Mini II Capsule comes with a USB splitter to charge the device, and a handy storage bag so you can take your speaker wherever you want. When fully charged, the X-Mini II works smoothly for about 10-11 hours. Another good feature is that you can daisy-chain two or more of these speakers if you’re craving a higher decibel. You can plug it to your laptop, iPod, or your phone. As for its price, the X-Mini II is worth every cent on its tag. I’ve been using the speaker for a little over two months and I absolutely love the clarity that comes with the amazing sound. Now, I like my music nice and loud. 


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