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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buy brand name fragrances without paying the price

The Most Affordable Fragrances Online - Free ShippA few years back I discovered - the place to buy the most affordable fragrances online!

Because we're so used to shopping at our favorite retail stores with the convenience of just picking things up as we go along, we don't realize how much of a markup there is at the store front.

I've found that shopping from reputable online stores is a great way to save some serious dough!

Check out Scentiments and let me know your thoughts on their prices.

Get 20% off all gift cards

Trying to figure out what to buy for Father's day? Need help with getting a great deal on a gift for a new grad?

eBillMe has been acquired by Western Union and to celebrate they are running an AWESOME cash back promotion: Get $20 cash back on gift card purchases of $100 or more for first time buyers.

Gift Cards available for all the popular stores - Amazon, Dell, Home Depot, TigerDirect... the list goes on.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to land a job interview

We can't save money unless we earn money - yes, that is my zen comment of the day!

I thought I would share this video for all the recent college grads.

Do you need help creating a great resume?  Check out this Groupon.