Friday, December 21, 2012

The Gift of Giving

With the holidays just around the corner, most of us are busy working our way down the shopping lists. We go to such great lengths to see a smile on the face of our loved ones that many times we look past the sufferings of others.

This holiday season let us try to bring cheer into the life of someone who needs it the most, with the gift of giving.

Look for organizations in your own town that need support. Most places are looking for volunteers to help out with various tasks. If you do not have the time, you can always donate goods to these places – used clothes, canned goods, ready-to-eat meals. An old plushie that you have no use for can bring joy to a child who has never seen one before.

If you don’t fit in either of these categories, there is another option – the gift of money. There are so many places and people that need the money in these hard times; the homeless, those who lost everything during Superstorm Sandy, those who need medical help but cannot afford to pay for it, local shelters, organizations like Red Cross, Salvation Army, this list is endless. The smallest amount you give will still make a huge difference in the lives of many.

With technology at our fingertips, things are made so much easier for us. All the information we need is obtained at the touch of a button, and the donation we wish to make can be done with another click.

With so many options before us, we can share the true meaning of the holiday season and spread cheer around us with the spirit of giving.

Happy Holidays!


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